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About the Artist

Local Artist, born and raised in Rock Springs Wyoming. Tattooing since 2012, Nate Gil is well rounded in several styles. From Neo Traditional, American Traditional, Black & Grey, Polynesian, Tribal and Illustrative, Nate can help you with your tattooing needs.

Nate has had a long time interest in tattooing, from telling his parents at age 6 that he would be “covered in tattoos”, to designing tattoos for his family and friends in high school, he started his tattooing journey in 2012, finally putting ink to skin. Nate is now dedicated to providing solid tattoos for his clients in a safe sterile environment at Art Official.

a rainbow rose tattoo on a woman's chest

Tattoo Portfolio

a black and white rose tattoo on the forearm
a tattoo of skulls and roses on a woman's arm
an arrow tattoo on a man's forearm
a tattoo of a jellyfish and gears
a man with an owl tattoo on his chest
a black and grey cross tattoo on a man's wrist
a hand with a crown tattoo on it
a bear tattoo on a man's arm
a tattoo with a lion and a bird on it
a tattoo of a deer on the back of a woman
a compass tattoo on the foot of a woman
a tattoo of a cat with the name oscar
a woman with a tattoo of a heart and a sword
a tattoo of a compass with a sunflower
viking tattoos viking tattoos viking tattoos viking tattoos viking tattoos viking tattoos
a tattoo of a wrench on a person's leg
a black and white image of a feather tattoo
a tattoo of red lilies on the forearm
pink flamingo tattoo
a man with an angel wing tattoo on his chest
a tattoo with a hummingbird on it
a tattoo of an angel wing on the forearm
a tattoo of a cross and a moth on a wrist
a tattoo of a skeleton with a cross on his shoulder
japanese koi fish tattoo
an anchor tattoo with a heart and rope